Welcome to St. Ignatius University Kabale where innovation meets sustainability, and academic excellence transforms communities. As the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs, I am delighted to highlight our university’s distinctive focus on agriculture and tourism, two pillars that not only enrich our students’ learning experiences but also contribute significantly to the global community.

At St. Ignatius University Kabale, we are committed to nurturing future leaders in agriculture, tourism, Science education and business studies through hands-on learning experiences that blend theory with practical application. Our programs not only equip students with essential skills but also inspire them to develop innovative solutions to real-world challenges.

Our academic strategic plan is rooted in sustainability, ensuring that our research and educational initiatives have a positive impact on the community of Kigezi and beyond. We believe in fostering research-based solutions that address the evolving needs of local communities while contributing to global knowledge in agriculture, tourism, and sustainability.

Through interdisciplinary collaboration and partnerships with industry leaders, we strive to create opportunities for our students to engage in impactful research that drives economic development and promotes environmental stewardship. Our goal is to empower graduates who are not only proficient in their fields but also passionate about making a difference in the world.

I invite you to explore St. Ignatius University Kabale and discover how our commitment to excellence, sustainability, and community engagement sets us apart. Join us in our journey to shape a sustainable future through education that prepares students to lead with integrity and innovation.

We strive to inspire, empower and transform and we thrive in a green community!

Diana M. Kwarikunda (Ph.D.)