I welcome you to St. Ignatius University Project Kabale website.  The Project owned by the Trustees of Kabale Diocese, received an Interim Authority from the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) of Uganda and is in a process of applying for a license.

The University project is built on a common thread of vision and determination expressed by founders and stakeholders who are looking forward to have an institution of higher learning that is set to deepen roots in areas of education while breaking new educational frontiers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The vision will enhance socio-economic transformation of society.

St. Ignatius University Kabale will then have a capacity and potential to train a wider category of human resources that will provide professional with competences that have employable and entrepreneurial skills to solve local and global problems thus positioning Africa to stand not as a problem consumer but as a solution provider.

Therefore, the University is suitably positioned to transform education in the region, and achieve social transformation, through research and innovations, teaching and outreach. This is captured in the vision of building “…  [a University of an] outstanding scholarship, research and innovation for holistic transformation of society”.

IGUKA as a Catholic founded institution defines who we are, what values we have and our ideas of where we are going (what we want to become as a University). It is this vision and foundation that informs our plans and priorities, as we translate our ideals into reality.