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The Vice Chancellor is responsible for the academic, administrative and financial affairs of the University as stipulated in University and Other Tertiary Institutions Act of 2001 section 31. In practical terms, Vice Chancellor responsible for the University Senate, Chaplain, Internal Auditor and Executive Assistant in addition to overseeing other offices for the proper running of the University. The office of the Chaplain will have a separate workplan. Currently, there is no Senate, no internal auditor and no Front Desk Officer. The vacant positions will be filled when the University is ready and when the Offices are deemed necessary.

 The vision is to position IGUKA as the global hub of creative thinkers, who offer demand-driven programmes, integrated with practical entrepreneurial courses. The office will champion to provide quality, equitable and inclusive education that empowers graduates to be independent, lifelong learners and responsible citizens with a passion for job creation while contributing to public service.

Through the Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor, IGUKA will advance developing undergraduate courses that include hands-on, experiential learning opportunities embedded within the Curriculum (e.g. putting up laboratories, workshops and promoting practicum/internship requirements). It will search for the necessary tools to use in training skilled professionals in various fields that will answer the needs of society. It will look for possible collaborations purposely in searching for equipment and skills needed for training.


The office will work to produce ethically responsible graduates with employable and entrepreneurial skills. This will be achieved through;

  1. Working aggressively on students’ intakes and welfare,
  2. Ensure students success in their social and spiritual welfare,
  3. Emphasizing academic distinctiveness,
  4. Expanding the infrastructure of the university,
  5. Diversifying revenue and maintain fiscal discipline,
  6. Enhancing visibility and promoting internationalization,
  7. Creating organizational culture, cultivating a culture of efficiency and effectiveness in the administration of work and at workplaces.

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