IGUKA ICT department is dedicated to empower St. Ignatius University Kabale with innovative ICT solutions that optimize efficiency, accessibility, and security while ensuring a seamless digital experience for our community. ICT services and infrastructure are seen as some of the greatest enablers to positive change in the world today. The way the teaching, administrative and research functions are being carried out at universities have changed; The Department of ICT of St. Ignatius University is delegated with planning, managing and maintaining the ICT services and infrastructure at IGUKA. The Head ICT, who is responsible to the office of Deputy Vice Chancellor, Heads the office.

IGUKA ICT Department shall collaborate with the offices Academic Registrar and Public Relations to mobilise for students through digital marketing. It will ensure that the ICT infrastructure grows exponentially to the horizon of digital age through adopting new technologies that feeds directly into research and innovation. This will be achieved through use of University website, social platforms and web mail.

IGUKA ICT is determined to:

Support teaching and learning;

  1. Enabling collaborative teaching and learning through promoting effective and appropriate utilization of ICT infrastructure.
  2. To ensure that ICT-related resource needs are met in an optimal manner by providing the organizational structure, capacity and capability,
  • To support students and staff through tooling and retooling trainings
  1. To support access to Library resources
  2. Contribute towards the sustainability of the unit in order to enable effective execution of DICTS mandate,
  3. Promote an environmentally friendly approach to the acquisition, use and disposal of ICT resources,

 Support the University visibility

  1. To establish partnership with service providers i.e NITA-U and RENU in support of internet accessibility and networking infrastructure.
  2. Collaborate with the Diocesan Institutions in digitally promoting IGUKA brand.
    • Popularising University activities through website posting.

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