St. Ignatius University Kabale offers holistic education fostering the university’s core values of Integrity, Transparency, Accountability, Respect, quality and excellence as well as mindset change in the whole education process from development of academic programs, teaching/learning, research, and the overall university policies and set environment.

University programs and trainings shall focus on increasing commercialization and competitiveness of both the agricultural and tourism sectors and equip students with technical-practical business and entrepreneurial skills necessary to transform the sectors.

The university will research the trends in the tourism industry, develop cultural heritage as a niche area in tourism promotion and mindset change.

A focused education program and research targeting re-fertilization of the soils, improving seeds/seedlings and employing modern farming practices in order to promote commercial production for effective agribusiness.

VISION: A university recognized for outstanding transformative scholarship, research and innovation.

MISSION: To nurture excellent academic and professional skills, ethical and spiritual aptitude to effect holistic transformation of society.


  1. To offer quality and innovative programs of study relevant to current and future needs of the local, national, regional, and international Development.
  2. To train students to be creative, imaginative, entrepreneurial, and critical, through inventive, imaginative, interactive and innovative teaching.
  3. To promote graduate employability through scholarly research, practical and entrepreneurial skills training, internship placements and field visits in all academic programs.
  4. To attract and retain teaching staff who are imbued with technical knowledge/expertise, professional integrity and the ability to share this knowledge and integrity with students.
  5. To consolidate the university’s internal capacity to match the anticipated growth in numbers of students and staff and to ensure its financial accountability and sustainability.
  6. To foster strategic partnerships, curricula pedagogy and industry engagement in order to serve as a model of academic innovation and scientific excellence.


The philosophy of the university is premised on the Christian Understanding of the human person as created in the image of God (Genesis 1:27), with a God-given mission to dominate and subdue the world in stewardship (Genesis 1: 28), and called to a supernatural destiny (John 17:16). Hence the university aspires to offer holistic education for integral human development.

The curricula of the University aim at developing professional people who will combine career competence with a strong sense of spiritual and moral responsibility in responding to current and future social, economic, and political challenges of the world.

 CORE VALUES: Transparency, Accountability, Integrity, Honesty, Excellence, Quality (TAIHEQ).

Motto: “Inspire. Empower. Transform”

Owner (s): The Registered Trustees of Kabale Diocese.

Promoters: Kabale Diocese Catholic Community.