Ms. Audes Tiragana
Academic Registrar

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The roles and functions of the Academic Registrar together with the Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor is mandated with the formulation and implementation of the University Policies related to all academic affairs, the development and enforcement of Students’ Rules and Regulations for smooth and efficient operations of the University. The office coordinates all academic matters in the University namely; students’ admissions, registration and records; lecture and examinations timetabling; Academic Ceremonies, and other processes that are related to the academic life of the student. In summary, the Office is responsible for the academic students’ life at the University from the time one is admitted to the time of graduation.


The office is boldly focused on providing quality services in search for students and aim at being; “a One-Stop-Centre for professional and excellent services”. This shall be achieved through the set objectives as shown below;

To develop student support systems that will create a lasting impression and student experience at IGUKA.

  1. Organizing the Launch of the University.
  2. Installing of an Integrated Management System.
  3. Administering and organizing application and admission processes.
  4. Administering and organizing all academic matters in the AR’s Office.
  5. Streamlining the students’ records and rolling out the Integrated Management System.

 To increase student numbers at IGUKA.

  1. Working with the PRO and designing a detailed brochure that will communicate clear information to all the stakeholders.
  2. Working with the PRO and designing a radio announcement that will run on identified radios; including Radio Maria and all other Radio stations.
  3. Working with the PRO and the Parish Priests to ensure that announcements are made in all Church events.
  4. Working with the PRO to identify strategically positioned public notice boards where announcements can be displayed.
  5. In collaboration with the Website Committee, develop and publish information on the University Website that is easily accessed locally, nationally, and internationally.
  6. Working with the PRO and Head of ICT to reach out to all stakeholders through Digital Marketing and encouraging them to apply online to reduce unnecessary movement.
  7. Working with the PRO to establish and strengthen Marketing structures throughout the offices of the Diocesan Education Secretary, Parishes, Secondary Schools, Tertiary Institutions, and other gatherings.
  8. Identify contact persons in Schools and Regional Towns who could mobilize students on behalf of IGUKA.
  9. Assisting the Office of the DVC through the Curriculum Development Committee, designs programmes that are attractive and aligning with the University niche.

 Streamlining key Registry processes in view of providing quality services.

  1. Ensuring that ID Cards are issued to students once a student is enrolled.
  2. Ensure that application and admission process is guided by the Admissions and Registration Policy.
  3. Develop and publishing a Registry Manual that shall outline all the Registry processes in view of implementing Registry Vision and Mission.

Ms. Audes Tiragana
Academic Registrar

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