Vice Chancellor Welcomes Prof. Adam Seligman of Boston University

VC welcomes Prof. Adam Seligman

Today 5th June, 2024, the Vice Chancellor, Assoc. Prof. Fr Maximiano Ngabirano (right), welcomed Prof. Adam B. Seligman of Boston University to St. Ignatius University.

Prof. Seligman is a professor of religion at Boston University and Director of its graduate programme in religion. He is the founding director of CEDAR-Communities Engaging in Difference and Religion since 2001, has run yearly global programs in living with difference through ongoing development of a unique pedagogy and set of practices.

At St. Ignatius University Kabale, CEDAR works with Kitara School of Difference (KSD), the school that is housed within the Center for Planning and Development. KSD is an international academy that draws its name from the legendary oral tradition of Kitara Kingdom.

Prof. Adam B. Seligman advised IGUKA academic staff to always update their teaching materials often in order to address the current challenges of the globe.

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