Mr. Okinei Thomas
Mr. Okinei Thomas

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The Estates Department is critical to the modernization plans that shall make IGUKA more visible, accessible and community focused. The provision of fit-to-purpose buildings is a prerequisite to achieve IGUKA’s objectives. Investing in estates resources, infrastructure and projects are a key to maintaining operational effectiveness and advancing programmes of change. The office shall manage the estates of the University to be high-quality buildings, infrastructure and facilities to support 21st century teaching and learning.

The strategic alignment and purpose for the Estates office presents an ambitious vision for transformation and describes how the vision shall be implemented to achieve an estate that is; safe, secure and compliant, modern, sustainable, right size and place, affordable, a great place and welcoming to the public. This will enable University Management to ‘keep people safe’ in a modern, flexible and evolving property environment which supports the operational needs and wellbeing of our end-users.


The estates of the University aligning it with the strategic objectives and its core values will be performed through the following objectives:

  1. Welcoming place to the public.
  2. Manage resource, facilities and infrastructure.
  • Develop financial sustainability.
  1. Develop monitoring and evaluation mechanisms.

In implementing the above objectives, consequence of need for changes through improved use of technology, fostering innovation, investing to save and developing a mature asset management approach shall ensure a modernized estate achievable through investment over time.

Mr. Okinei Thomas
Bachelor’s Degree in Civil and Building Engineering

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