Reports to:            Deputy Vice Chancellor

Duty Station:        Kabale 

i.   Purpose of the job

The Librarian is to manage University Library and Library Systems.  

ii. Minimum Qualifications The candidate must have:

a)    Master’s Degree in Library and Information Systems, or Records and Information Science from a recognized University.

b)    At least three years of satisfactory service as an Assistant Librarian in a reputable institution.

iii. Duties and Responsibilities

The Librarian will be responsible to the Deputy Vice Chancellor and shall:  a) Plan and implement the various projects and programs of the Library.

b) Liaise with the various Faculty Heads on issues regarding the development of the Library, and ensure that relevant information material is provided to the University Community. c) Chair the Library Committee meetings.

d)    Keep in constant touch with developments in the world of information to ensure that relevant and up-to-date information is provided to the University staff and students.

e)    Co-operate with other University Libraries in Uganda in order to ensure the sharing of resources and information where possible.

f)     Ensure the creation of Library databases to enable the University community to have easy access to the University’s information resources.

g)    Carry out any other function or duties assigned from time to time.

iv.   Tenure of Appointment

The successful candidate shall be employed on contract for three (3) years renewable, subject to satisfactory performance.