Estates Manager

Reports to: Head Finance and Planning.

Duty Station:  Kabale 

i.    Purpose of the job

The Estates Manager is to facilitate the operation and maintenance of University premises, buildings, furniture, machinery, equipment, vehicles and other assets of the University. ii.             Minimum Qualifications The applicant must have:

a)    Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical, Civil, or Electrical Engineering from a recognized University.

b)    At least three years’ experience in estates management in a reputable institution.

iii. Duties and Responsibilities

The Estates Manager shall be responsible to the Head Finance and Planning and shall:

a)    Develop technical specifications and performance standards for the buildings, furniture, machinery, equipment and vehicles for the University.

b)    Maintain all buildings, furniture/fixtures on campus regularly.

c)    Maintain utilities of the University.

d)    Ensure that the compound of the University and all premises, including offices, classrooms, are clean.

e)    Liaise with the Campus Warden and the Assistant Registrar with regard to the management of Student Affairs as applicable.

f)     Provide professional fleet management for the University.

g)    Carry out any other function or duties assigned from time to time.

v.   Tenure of Appointment

The successful candidate shall be employed on contract for three (3) years renewable, subject to satisfactory performance.